My name is Steve Vyse and I’ve spent over 40 years trying to take a perfect photo. For a while I could have been described as a pro, shooting and writing for travel companies, but today my camera is mine to point where I will. Having said that, I use a camera all the time professionally, either taking pack shots or other images for use in print or the websites I build and maintain.

I am always interested in photographic commissions and being based in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, can cover most of the South East and into the West. Contact me by phone on 0845 6870 4624, Skype or email.

I’m always learning about my craft and this website is where you can see how close I have come over the years to capturing moments in time.

I hope you like what I see.


Oh and the site name comes from a friend who for years has called me ‘Vyso’. Thanks Andy!

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